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PhoboQuotable - Tony Perkins

"CNN gave homosexual activists the gift of a free hour-long infomercial last night--in the form of a primetime special about homosexual parents called Gary and Tony Have a Baby. Actually, it should have been called Gary and Tony Buy a Baby. As viewers learned, the two homosexual men first purchase human eggs from an egg donor; use the sperm of one of them for in vitro fertilization; and finally rent the womb of a surrogate to bear the baby. The total cost runs a cool $160,000. The closest that host Soledad O'Brien came to raising an ethical question was to ask why the couple didn't adopt instead. Not once did they explain why the process involved 14 eggs and two embryos--but only one baby.

"It was obvious throughout the that these men are political activists for the homosexual cause (even using the newborn as a prop at a same-sex 'marriage' rally). Meanwhile, the only reference to people who oppose same-sex 'marriage' (which, incidentally, is at least 70 percent of the American population), was to express fear that one of them would physically harm the baby. Equally tragic, one of the men said that no one has ever given him a reason why their lifestyle choice is harmful. Here's one--they are deliberately and permanently depriving this child of a mother. CNN seems content to tug at the heartstrings rather than report the news. They imply that the "love" or affection that these men feel for each other and for the baby that they've manufactured is enough. Love is important, but it isn't sufficient. Social science proves that children suffer from not having a married mom and dad, so why is CNN promoting two people who would deliberately put their baby in that situation?" - Family Research Council douchenozzle Tony Perkins.

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