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Preacher Rants At Twin Cities Pride

The two anti-gay preachers who won the right to give out bibles at Twin Cities Pride were pretty much ignored by festival attendees this weekend. But perhaps emboldened by the court's decision, another evangelical showed up to scream about Jeebus.
Another protester at Saturday's event, John Chisham of Marshall, Minn., attracted far more attention than the Johnsons as he stood on a box with a sign that read "You are an abomination to God, You justify the wicked," preaching to a jeering crowd. Chisham attracted shouts of disapproval and arguments from passersby. Eventually, Pride attendees stood in front of him with signs that read, "Standing on the Side of Love." Chisham, who described himself as a Christian missionary, said he had followed Johnson's case but had planned to come to Pride anyway. He brought a decibel meter to prove, he said, that he was acting within the law by not being disruptive. Minneapolis police Sgt. Fred McCormick looked on as protesters argued with Chisham, breaking things up a few times when things got too heated. One man who shoved Chisham was detained by police but released without a ticket. Chisham was acting within the law, McCormick said. "The thing is, he's got the right to be here. He's been cooperative and is entitled to do this, but we're not going to tolerate it if it gets too heated," the officer said. "This is healthy dialogue, but unfortunately it is taking up resources."

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