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Prop 8 Backers Ask Judge To Revoke Recognition Of Existing Gay Marriages

As a precursor to today's closing arguments, Protect Marriage has filed a request for Judge Vaughn Walker to revoke California's official recognition of the state's existing 18,000 same-sex marriages.
Such an order would honor "the expressed will of the people," backers of the November 2008 ballot measure said Tuesday in their final written filing before Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker. Andrew Pugno, an attorney for Prop. 8's backers, said in an interview that the sponsors aren't asking Walker to nullify the 18,000 marriages, but only to rule that government agencies, courts and businesses no longer have to recognize the couples as married. Lawyers for two same-sex couples who sued to overturn Prop. 8, on the other hand, are asking Walker to lift the marriage ban permanently. The measure violates the constitutional guarantee of equality, they argued, and must be struck down "regardless of its level of public support."
Walker's final ruling in the case is not expected for weeks.

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