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Quote Of The Day - Bryan Fischer

"If equality of outcome and not equality of opportunity is the goal, we've got a serious problem with the national spelling bee. If a disparate outcome is prima facie evidence of racism, something is going to have to be done. An Indian-American has won it for the third year in a row, and overall, Indian-Americans have won the trophy eight times in the last 12 years.

"Will Barney Frank and his fervid equality acolytes intervene to stop this outrageous display of ethnic favoritism? Will judges, who heretofore have been guided by objective criteria found in the dictionary, be forced to allow spellers of previously disfavored races to commit a certain number of mistakes just to keep things fair? Will standards be lowered to ensure that the group of ten finalists 'look like America?' An anxious nation breathlessly awaits the appearance of an equality hero who will sweep aside objective standards and honors based on achievement, hard work and intelligence in favor of the classic American ideal of mediocre and bland outcomes based entirely on skin tones." - The American Family Association's in-house racist and radio host Bryan Fischer, finding a bizarre rationale for ending affirmative action in the National Spelling Bee.

Walid Zafar at Media Matters nails it: "Fischer should understand that discrimination based on subjective criteria (race, religious, sexual orientation, etc.) is much different from a competition based on objective standards. For example, a law that prohibits professional sports teams from discriminating against Latin American players is much different than one that disqualifies Latin Americans players for hitting too many home runs."

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