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SLOVENIA: Gay-Friendly Cafe Fire-Bombed And Defaced With Anti-Gay Graffiti

A gay-friendly cafe in Slovenia's capital of Ljubljana has been fire-bombed and defaced with homophobic graffiti. My friend Aaron translates from the linked article:
Last night, Cafe Open was again the target of homophobic attacks --the third time this week. Twice, unknown parties threw Molotov cocktails at the cafe, which burned the exterior of the building. Last night, the attackers spray-painted the building with homophobic slurs such as "Death to Faggots!" The same slogans were painted on the home of Judge Zalar, who presided over another case involving Cafe Open last year where a literary evening was interrupted by anti-gay attackers. The Ministry of the Interior and the police have been informed of the situation and will provide a higher level of protection for events to be held during the week, including the Pride parade. The police believe that the homophobic graffiti is related to the attacks on Cafe Open last year and that the Molotov cocktails were time to coincide with the start of LGBT Pride Week.
From the 2009 story about last year's attack on the same business:
It was was the evening of 25th June, the day when Slovenia celebrated its 18 years of independence. In honour of the traditional Gay Pride Parade week and the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Slovene homosexual association Legebitra, a gay-and-lesbian literature night was organised in a Ljubljana café, called Open. Suddenly a calm evening turned into a devastating assault. At about 9 pm, a group of eight masked assailants, dressed in black stormed the place. They were armed with sticks, shouting anti-gay slogans and they apparently wanted to burn the café by throwing a torch into the room. When the assault began, journalist and gay activist Mitja Blažič was just at the entrance of the café and he blocked the attackers. He was beaten and repeatedly kicked in the head. Since the attackers were trying to start a fire, the president of the Association for the Integration of Homosexuality also suffered some mild burns.
My thanks to Aaron for translating.

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