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Ten Year-Old Will Phillips To Be Grand Marshal Of Arkansas Pride

Ten year-old Will Phillips, who made national news last year when he refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance until LGBT people have full equality, will be the Grand Marshal of Northwest Arkansas Pride.
"It's wrong for anyone to be treated differently just because of the way they are born," said Phillips, who declares himself as an ambassador for equal rights. Will's name may sound familiar because he was the West Fork student who decided not to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance this past fall. Will said he didn't stand because not everyone is being treated equal. He will be the parade's youngest grand marshal ever, but he said age shouldn't make a difference. "Because I'm a person, I may be 10, but I'm a person," said Will. The parade is put on by NMA Pride. They said they are aware Will's age could be an issue, but he's no ordinary 10-year-old. "He's literally the last half of the year been all over the country and spoken to thousands of people," said Jay Phillips, Will's father. NWA Pride also said they market their parade a little differently than some of the other pride parades around the country. "We're not San Francisco, New York, we're pretty much a family affair, so it's pretty safe to be there," said Joney Harper, creator of NWA Pride.
Will's parents are taking a bit of a beating in the comments of the linked newspaper story. Give them a little support if you have a minute.

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