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TENNESSEE: Baptist Softball League Bans Entire Team Over Lesbian Coach

After she confirmed that she is gay, church officials told a lesbian coach that her entire team would not be allowed to compete in the Bellevue Baptist Church softball league in suburban Memphis.
Jana J. Jacobson said church officials told her the "deviant" lifestyle would prevent the team from competing in Bellevue's adult women's softball league. The coach said she was the only team member who attended meetings in preparation for the season that began June 8, and the only member questioned by Bellevue leadership. She wondered why her lifestyle mattered since they were playing softball. "Finally, in my frustration, I said that I am going to be clear. I am gay, and I find all of this to be absurd and against the word of God as I know it," Jacobson said of a meeting with Bellevue officials. Jim Barnwell, Bellevue's director of communications, said Tuesday afternoon the church has "no plans to comment on (Jacobson's story) at this time.
A local civil rights attorney quoted in the above-linked story says the church's action appears to be legal. Outsports has contact information for the church, if you'd like to let them know what you think. Nothing to see here folks, just more of God's Gentle Loveā„¢.

FREEP THIS POLL: The Commercial Appeal is asking readers if the league did the right thing. Go vote now.

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