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This Week In Holy Crimes

Over the last seven days...

Italy: Father Pierino Gelmini charged with molesting twelve underage boys.
Wisconsin: Pastor Travis Gandy arrested twice in one week for two separate sexual assaults on children.
Florida: Imam Yasser Mohamed Shahade pleads guilty to child molestation.
Michigan: Four Christian activists arrested for disorderly conduct after attempting to convert Muslims at the International Arab Festival.
Michigan: Pastor Christopher Settlemoir charged with child molestation.
Texas: Pastor Hezekiah Stallworth charged with molesting a seven year-old girl. Stallworth reportedly lured young girls into his office with offers of candy. He is 75.
California: Pastor Melissa Huckaby sentenced to life in prison for murdering and sexually assaulting an eight year-old girl.
New Jersey: Rabbi Eliahu Ben Haim confesses to $1.5M money laundering scam.
Massachusetts: Pastor Simeon Stefanidakis charged with multiple felony counts of possessing child pornography.
New York: Televangelist Samuel Solanky pleads guilty to scamming $3M out of his followers via a phony gemstone business.
Israel: An unnamed rabbi has been arrested for the rapes of multiple underage females.
North Carolina: Pastor Robert Lee McQueen convicted on multiple felony counts of heroin distribution.
Ontario: Pastor Fred Hanson convicted of sexual exploitation of a minor.
Texas: Pastor Pastor Tracy Burleson charged with hiring his son to murder his wife. Both the pastor and his son were having a sexual affair with the same woman.
New York: Rabbi Baruch Lebovits accused of molesting more underage boys. Lebovits was sentenced to 10-32 years in prison for child molestation in April.
California: Cardinal Roger Mahoney didn't search for the victims of a confessed pedophile priest because they were only the children of "illegal aliens." Big deal.

This Week's Winner
Finland: Pastor Francois Bazaramba has been sentenced to life in prison for taking part in Rwanda's 1994 genocide of Tutsis. Finland had refused to extradite Bazaramba to Rwanda because he faced the death penalty there. Eyewitnesses told the court that Bazaramba had provided weapons and led gangs of Hutus in their killing spree.

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