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Tomorrow At 8PM: CNN's Gary & Tony Have A Baby

Last week Father Tony and I attended a preview screening of CNN's gay parenting documentary Gary & Tony Have A Baby, which follows New Yorkers Gary Spino and Tony Brown from finding an egg donor, to hiring a surrogate mother, to the eventual birth of their son. The couple's journey is expensive and trying, but ultimately quite sweet, even if it's a route that few gay couples could ever afford.

The film is part of CNN's Gay In America series and last week's screening was co-hosted by CNN reporter (and the documentary's narrator), Soledad O'Brien, as well as GLAAD executive director Jarrett Barrios. I have to give CNN big props for tackling this project, which involved filming in multiple states over more than a year. In addition to the big PR push for tomorrow's night's showing at 8PM, they've created an teacher's guide for high schools and colleges.

GLAAD's Jarrett Barrios, who has two adoptive sons of his own, stressed to me that while the vast majority of gay couples use other methods to create their families, Gary & Tony Have A Baby is nevertheless a very positive look at a gay parenthood. The trailer is here and below are just a few photos I took at the screening.

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