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Weekend Mix - DJ Mike "Monk" Ponsades

Get your weekend rolling with this smooth-funky electro-disco mix from NYC's DJ Mike "Monk" Ponsades. Setlist. Podcasts. Website. Facebook.

UPCOMING GIGS: Tonight @ NYC Eagle, 10PM. This is Mike's NYC debut, so check out the mix then come hear him in person!

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: DJ Steve Sherwood. DJ Pete Savas. DJ Jeff Jackson & DJ Disco Connie. DJ Phillip Kimball. DJ Paul Ferrer. DJ Shane Stiel. DJ Paul Goodyear. DJ Susan Morabito. DJ Seymour Butz. DJ RuBot. DJ Rotten Robbie. DJ Ted Eiel. DJ Herbie James. DJ David Knapp. DJ Dave Huge. DJ Corey Craig.

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