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When Elton Met Rush

While we're still waiting to hear if Elton John is doing anything worthy with that million dollars he earned singing at Rush Limbaugh's fourth wedding last Saturday, at least we now know what spawned the curious pairing.
Rush Limbaugh and Sir Elton John's relationship started with problems. Heart problems, that is. According to conservative talk radio host Mark Levin, a guest at Limbaugh's wedding last weekend, Limbaugh and John were staying at the same hotel in Hawaii when Limbaugh had his heart attack scare earlier this year. John checked up on Limbaugh to see how he was doing, and from there, a friendship formed. "As Elton John explained it to the 400 or so people there, he and Rush have kept up a fairly regular e-mail exchange," Levin said on his show Tuesday.
Numerous Facebook groups have sprung up calling for Elton to donate his fee to his AIDS foundation. Others merely demand a boycott of Elton's music.

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