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Fight Back NY Targets Buffalo Democrat Sen. Bill Stachowski For Defeat

Fight Back NY, the LGBT action PAC funded by Tim Gill, has announced their latest target.
Our next target: We're going after Buffalo Democrat Bill Stachowski.

Sen. Stachowski's voted against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) New Yorkers at every turn, whether it's nondiscrimination protections or marriage equality. Sen. Stachowski's been part of the dysfunctional New York State Senate for far too long -- 30 years. He does not represent fair-minded New Yorkers, and it's time we hold him accountable. Remember the hard-hitting tactics we used to help keep anti-equality Hiram Monserrate from office this spring? We'll be engaging in similar targeted outreach to voters in Sen. Stachowski's district. It's time our elected officials learned that they can't vote against equality and expect to be voted back into office. Every contribution goes directly toward communicating to voters in Stachowski's district. Help us turn up the volume on why Stachowski should be booted in the September primary. The more money you give, the louder you get to be!
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