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GetEQUAL Calls On Lady Gaga To Join Artists Boycott Of Arizona

GetEQUAL's message to Lady Gaga:
Lady Gaga, Please be a lady FOR our community. The state of Arizona is EXTRA right now. A wave of laws like SB 1070 is making it a crime to be brown and putting whole communities at risk. Both migrant and LGBTQ communities know what it is to have to fight for our full human dignity to be affirmed. You have the opportunity to play a special role in that fight in Arizona. Communities have called for a boycott of the state to make it happen. As an icon and beloved artist, please join us in boycotting Arizona and turn your trip into an opportunity to meet your little monsters in the migrant LGBTQ community so that you can speak out against the hateful laws and be a champion for this human rights cause.
If she does join the boycott, will Elton John call her a fuckwit?

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