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The Hunt For Lingle's Lady Friends Is ON

JMG reader Josh writes:
I thought your readers might just love this photo of us with Governor Lingle, taken at the Kailua Independence Day parade (held on July 5). This photo was taken just 24 hours before Governor Lingle vetoed the civil unions bill, and at the Independence Day parade, no less. The Governor spent 15 minutes posing for photos with a dozen representatives of PFLAG-Oahu, and treating us like human beings, even though she had decided a week ago to veto the civil rights bill and to call for a statwide vote on whether we should have relationship recognition. This is the new face of evil. Love the smile--she must be "comfortable" with her decision, all right.
Meanwhile the emails have been flying between highly-placed activists today as the hunt for any "lady friends" of the twice-divorced and gaydar-pinging Gov. Lingle heats up. Please email me with any tips or clues at

Lingle's term ends in December and her successor may be nutjob Lt. Gov. James "Duke" Aiona, seen below being "annointed in the Lord" at a Christianist voodoo ceremony in which they pledge to "break every weapon of the enemy."

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