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Invasion Of The Pines 2010

Yesterday my pals Jerry, Chris and Little David accompanied me to the Invasion Of The Pines, the 34th annual marking of the day in 1976 when a drag queen was denied service at a restaurant in Fire Island Pines. Every Fourth of July since then, hundreds of drag queens board a chartered ferry in Cherry Grove and "invade" the Pines for a day exploding with fireworks, feathers, and lots and lots of drinking. I don't know if there was an official theme this year, but we saw lots of Star Trek/Star Wars costumes as well as some angry takes on the BP oil spill. Slideshow below, full size photos here. We started the morning at Cherry Grove's Ice Palace, from where the queens promenaded to the ferry to the Pines. Later we made stops at Jumpin' Jacks, Sip N Twirl, the Blue Whale, and the Pavilion before staggering back onto the ferry. World Of Wonder's Wayne Anderson has a great slideshow too.

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