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ISRAEL: Jerusalem Police Reverse Ban On Gay Pride March To Knesset

Jerusalem police have reversed their ban on a planned gay pride parade route that is scheduled to conclude at the Knesset.
A number of weeks ago, the police recommended that the parade be held on the same route as it was last year, citing security concerns. This year, the Jerusalem pride parade will mark the one-year anniversary of the slaying at the gay youth center in Tel Aviv and will be billed as Israel's national gay pride parade. For this reason, the organizers insisted that the parade conclude at the doorsteps of Israel's legislative branch. Jerusalem Open House Executive Director Yonatan Gher said, "The parade route to the Knesset, on the anniversary of the murder, is the proper route to symbolize what the parade is demanding – full equal rights for the gay community in Israel and an end to the incitement, violence, and silencing that we experience everyday."
Marching in the Jerusalem parade will be the mother of one of the young people murdered during the attack on the Tel Aviv LGBT youth center.

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