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Montreal Divers/Cité: July 26 - August 1

A couple of days after I get back from Netroots Nation, I'll be making my Canadia debut when Tourisme Montréal brings me up to cover Divers/Cité, the 18th annual gay pride arts, music, and party festival.
Eighteen and going strong. All together different! Divers/Cité is an event whose mission is to present an arts and music festival that illustrates and celebrates the value of diversity in a spirit of sharing, solidarity and openness with the world. Eighteen years of constant growth and expansion has established Divers/Cité as an internationally recognized festival. Most of the programming is outdoor and free. Our programming also follows set themes that cover a wide range of artistic tendencies that address widely varying audiences. The event proudly showcases modern dance, blues, jazz, pop, Latin, rock, world, funk, ambient, techno and electronic concerts, drag queen performances and an outdoor cinema. The 2010 edition, from July 26th to August 1st, will offer more than 47 hours of free outdoor performances spanning 7 days.
Tourisme Montréal is lodging me in the heart of Montreal's gay village, where they are providing me a strapping young homo guide who promises to tour me through "authentically JMG places of interest." Oh my and stand by. Obviously this trip calls for a Québécois-JMG reader drink-up. I welcome your location suggestions. And feel free to hit the Divers/Cité site and point out anything you think I'd especially enjoy as the number of options are a bit dizzying.

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