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NORTH CAROLINA: Atheist Billboard Vandalized, Fundie Website Cheers

Less than one week after it went up, a billboard from the North Carolina Secular Association was vandalized. The Friendly Atheist notes the resulting cheer that went up on World Net Daily, who exulted today in a column titled My Kind Of Vandals.
Just when I start believing there is no hope for our country I get a little reminder from my God that all is not lost. It was reported June 29 that a billboard sign sponsored by a North Carolina atheist organization had been vandalized. The ad reads, "One Nation Indivisible." It seems someone didn't think the sign was an accurate depiction of our Pledge of Allegiance, so the vandals inserted "Under God" with spray paint – and I couldn't be more relieved. It's nice to know that I am not alone in my beliefs and that some people are still willing to stand on the right side of truth. Never would I encourage vandalism, but in this case I think I'll let it slide. Atheists have been vandalizing my beliefs for years, so it's about time the shoe was on the other foot.[snip]

I also need to extend a thank you to some people in Sacramento and Detroit. In February, 10 atheist billboards were defaced in the Golden State and a slew of atheist bus ads were vandalized in Detroit. My dose of honesty this week: I am not happy that vandalism seems to be the only way to get an atheist's attention. I'm happy that I can count on other Christians to stand up for themselves and for Christians everywhere. It gives me hope.
Of course, World Net Daily would be screaming bloody murder if their Where's The Birth Certificate? billboards were vandalized.

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