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NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo:
I Can Make Gay Marriage Happen In 2011

NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, the favorite to replace David Paterson as governor, says he is confident that he can make same-sex marriage a reality during his first year in office. Via Advocate:
“My opinion, from my policy point of view, it is a priority,” he said. State of Politics reports that, “He also voiced confidence that he could get it done in his first year on the job – something that has so far eluded both Eliot Spitzer and Gov. David Paterson.” City Hall News argues that Cuomo’s discussion of the hot political issue at the press conference marks a departure from the careful way the attorney general has approached marriage equality since being elected to office in 2006. “Asked to clarify why he was comfortable now speaking—at a government event behind a podium with the attorney general seal—on a matter he had specifically avoided discussing previously, Cuomo described the situation as wearing ‘two hats,’” reports City Hall.
The latest polls show Cuomo far ahead of all potential GOP opponents.

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