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PhoboQuotable - Bryan Fischer

"Richard Land, in arguing for a guaranteed path to citizenship for illegal aliens already in the country, repeatedly stresses how pro-family the Hispanic community is, and assures us they will be the natural allies of the conservative movement. Not so fast. According to the Christian Post, 57% of Latino Catholics in California support homosexual marriage. Let’s not forget that Latinos make up 36.6 percent of California’s population.

"The good news, if you happen to be an evangelical, is that just 22 percent of Latino Protestants support gay marriage. If getting pro-family illegals legalized is the goal, perhaps Dr. Land can be persuaded to amend his recommendation and give preference to Protestant illegal aliens. Also, the illegitimacy rate among Hispanic women is over 50%. I’m not sure pro-family values are as strong in the Hispanic community as Dr. Land wants to believe." - American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer, simultaneously hating on gays, calling Hispanic women sluts, and saying Catholics don't deserve immigration rights.

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