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PhoboQuotable - Eugene Delgaudio

"It was truly a sight to sicken the soul. Thousands of men in bright neon bikinis hanging all over each other. Groups of men and women -- it was hard to tell the difference sometimes -- acting out their homosexual lusts in defiance of all standards of decency and morality. There were tens of thousands of them flooding the streets. Throngs of 'gay rights' radicals rallied all over our Nation's Capitol. Tourists had to rush to shield their children from the depraved displays of near nudity.

"Radical Homosexuals are everywhere, rallying constantly, it seems, demanding some new "special" right. They are in the newspapers, radio, television, confronting Christian values in the churches, in our schools ... and they seem to have a thousand front groups. And now that they've passed Thought Control, any and all opposition to their public indecency can be squashed as just another hate crime. You see, the Radical Homosexuals' strategy is to move us from shock to indifference to fear, to desensitize us to their perversion and then make us fear their wrath. And it's working on too many Americans. After the pain of blisters your hands will eventually develop a callus. That's what the Radical Homosexuals are doing to our hearts." - Eugene Delguardio, head of the Christian extremist group Public Advocate Of The U.S., from his latest "emergency" plea for donations.

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