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PhoboQuotable - Peter LaBarbera

"This is just a really bad idea. We do not want to incentivize people practicing homosexuality to come into the United States -- it's that simple. There are people waiting in line for years and years, normal families, to legally immigrate into the United States. The idea that we would recreate the family to now include two men or two women instead of a mom and a dad, all the while importing more practicing homosexuals into the United States, is absurd. And this is very radical legislation." - Porno Pete LaBarbera, speaking the American Family Association's OneNewsNow.

In the above-linked article, the AFA mischaracterizes the Uniting American Families Act as "designed to allow illegal immigrants with American family members to stay in the country." The UAFA actually provides for legal residence for the "permanent partners of United States citizens and legal residents" and is only one part of the comprehensive immigration reform package now before Congress. Major evangelical groups have vowed to block immigration reform if it includes any mention of dirty queers.

Yesterday Politico noted that except for them damn homos, evangelicals are salivating at the prospect of millions of new converts (and their wallets). The president of the National Association of Evangelicals says, “When people migrate, they’re open to all kinds of change, including religious change." LGBT immigration attorney Lavi Soloway tells Politico that he isn't too worried about opposition from the religious right, adding, “We are a small issue. … I don’t think in the end we’re a deal breaker." I'm not so optimistic.

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