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PhoboQuotable - Tony Perkins

"If there was ever proof that the Obama Administration has gone off the rails, it's Amtrak. For the first time in the train service's history, Amtrak has decided to spend a quarter-million dollars recruiting homosexual passengers. As you may know, Amtrak isn't a private business. This is a government-run business, meaning that this $250,000 is taken directly from taxpayers' pockets.

"In a very real sense, this ad campaign is a federal endorsement of homosexual behavior -- one of the most serious public health threats in America. Using taxpayer funds to promote this ad campaign is insulting to the millions of Americans who have deeply-held moral convictions against homosexuality. Yet Washington is targeting the demographically small homosexual population-probably because marketing surveys suggest it is also one of the richest. So let's be honest. This Administration is more interested in riding the gravy train than getting the culture back on track. Please contact senior officials at Amtrak and ask them to stop this campaign using your tax dollars!" - Family Research Council douchnozzle Tony Perkins, who has launched a petition campaign against Amtrak.

TAKE ACTION: Contact Amtrak's media office and thank them for reaching out to their LGBT customers.

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