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Photo Of The Day - NOM Vs. Protesters

NOM's Brian Brown tweets from Providence, Rhode Island: "Is this how a civil rights movement behaves? Gay activists storm our podium to shout us down. Fail." Yesterday the NOMbies complained that gay activists were bringing their (leashed and elderly) dogs to the rallies as a "bullying tactic" and that they wouldn't move to unblock the view of a nursing mother. (Who could have easily moved ten feet her own damn self.) NOM's disastrously unattended Hate Tour has been nonstop hilarity for our side, but it's been rather dull as well. At least today something happened.

UPDATE: The Providence Journal reports that today's rally became a "shouting match."
About 150 opponents of same-sex marriage, gathered near the capitol's south steps to hear speakers taking part the national group's "Summer of Marriage" tour, had to strain to hear as more than 175 counter-protesters surrounded their ranks with chants including "Get your hate out of our state." Capitol Police kept distance between shouting clusters of advocates from each side and also summoned the State Police, who responded with five officers. State Police Lt. David P. Tikoian said there were no arrests. "I want to thank you all for coming out even in the face of this," Brian Brown, president of the National Orgaization for Marriage, told his supporters before leading them in chants of, "One man! One woman!"

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