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Standing Room

Europe's Ryanair is about to begin testing on their "vertical seating" plane layout. They plan to remove ten rows of seats from the rear of their 250 planes and replace them with fifteen rows of the depicted style.
Budget airline Ryanair is planning to revolutionise air travel by introducing flights where passengers stand up rather than sit down - from £4 per ticket.The airline's flamboyant chief executive Michael O'Leary said safety testing for 'vertical seating' will take place next year when the airline will also introduce a £1 charge to use the lavatory. The budget airline wants to charge travellers for using the toilet in order to 'change passenger behaviour' and fund the cheap 'standing-room only' tickets.
Aviation safety regulators take a dim view of the idea and say they have no current plan to legalize vertical flying. Ryanair says the standing room tickets will initially only be available on flights of less than one hour. Would you be willing to fly like this if it was extra cheap?

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