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U.S. Mormons Step Into Argentina's Battle For Same-Sex Marriage

Magic Underwear Inc has sent a letter to its members in Argentina, calling for opposition to same-sex marriage.
"The doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is absolutely clear: Marriage is between one man and woman and is ordained of God," said the July 6 letter from church President Thomas S. Monson. A copy of the letter and its English translation began circulating over the weekend on websites for former Mormons. The Argentina letter was directed to congregations in the Buenos Aires area and states that it is a response to concerns stemming from the proposed legislation that would change the definition of marriage. The letter encourages members to review the "Proclamation on the Family," a 1995 statement from church leaders that set out traditional marriage as a sacred institution ordained by God and the family as a fundamental pillar of society.
Argentina's House of Deputies approved a marriage equality bill in May. The Senate is scheduled to begin debating the bill this week and Argentina's president has promised to sign it should it reach her desk.

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