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Who Will Host The 2012 Dem Convention?

The finalist cities to host the 2010 Democratic National Convention have been announced.
Recognizing that President Barack Obama faces serious challenges in the Midwest he carried not two years ago, the Democratic National Committee on Wednesday picked three heartland cities and just one in the Republican-friendly South to consider for its 2012 nominating convention. The cities are Cleveland, St. Louis, Minneapolis and Charlotte, N.C. A presidential nominating convention brings millions of dollars and intense attention to its host city as well as political good will for the party itself. Obama won Ohio, Minnesota and North Carolina in his 2008 race against Republican John McCain, who won Missouri. With Democrats competing for Senate seats in Ohio and Missouri, the announcement was likely to energize the Democratic base in those states ahead of the crucial midterm elections this year.
The 2012 Republican convention will be in Tampa, which will probably still be ankle-deep in oil.

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