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About That Hallowed Ground

Today's NY Daily News points out that the "hallowed ground" surrounding the planned WTC memorial ain't really all that hallowed, what with all the titty bars, dirty bookstores, betting parlors and liquor stores also within two or three blocks.
Opponents of a proposed lower Manhattan mosque and community center speak in hushed tones about the sanctity of the "shadow of Ground Zero." Tell that to the patrons of the Pussycat Lounge, a strip club where a photo of a nearly naked woman marks its location just two blocks from where the World Trade Center stood. Or the Thunder Lingerie and peep show next door, where the marquee sports an American flag above a window display of sex toys and something called a "power pump." Many come to the scene of the worst terrorist attack on American soil to pay tribute to pain and unspeakable tragedy. They're welcomed by solemn memorials and a visitors center amid the noise of reconstruction. If they're so inclined, they can also buy porn, play the ponies and take care of all manner of personal business within steps of the former World Trade Center.
The area around the WTC also boasts ten churches, three synagogues, a Buddhist community center, and a place for whatever it is that Hare Krishnas do.

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