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PhoboQuotable - Bryan Fischer

"Glenn, Glenn, Glenn: if special rights are given to people just because they want to use the alimentary canal for sexual purposes, no social conservative will be able to criticize homosexual behavior on biblical or moral grounds without running the risk of legal punishment. Goodbye freedom of speech and goodbye freedom of religion. You, Glenn, will have aided and abetted those who are out to destroy two of the inalienable rights God has given to men, and you don’t think that’s a threat to this country? Wake up and smell the toxins, my friend.

"We must choose between the homosexual agenda and religious liberty, because it is impossible to have both. Every advance of the homosexual agenda comes at the expense of our first liberty, the very first right enshrined in the Bill of Rights, the right to freedom of religious expression. You have chosen the side of suppression and tyranny over the light of liberty. You have done a noble thing on your radio and television programs by repeatedly calling us back to our founding history and to our foundational values as a country. But Glenn, our 'Divine Destiny' as a nation does not include societal approval for people who want to use the anus for sex. The 'Laws of Nature and Nature’s God' don’t endorse such behavior. And neither should you." - American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer on Glenn Beck's recent shrug about gay marriage.

(Via - Right Wing Watch)

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