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Today In Completely Expected News

GOProud is talking to Ken Mehlman about bringing him on.
Jimmy LaSalvia, executive director of GOProud, said the organization recently talked with Mehlman, but declined to elaborate on the nature of their discussions. When asked if GOProud had offered Mehlman a position on its board, LaSalvia declined to comment. He also declined to say whether GOProud has offered Mehlman a speaking role at the upcoming HomoCon convention in New York. Mehlman came out as gay in an interview with the Atlantic on Wednesday. “We’ve talked to him,” LaSalvia said. “He’s certainly engaging with the community as evidenced from the fundraiser that he’s doing for the Ted Olson case.”
It's a perfect fit. Maybe Mehlman will turn up tomorrow when GOProud joins Glenn Beck's giant anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim teabagger rally in DC.

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