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According to World Net Daily, the tenth of next month is going to be a "divine day" because God loves repeating numbers. Or something.
"Throughout the Bible, specific numbers are utilized by God as well as Jesus in the New Testament," said Connie Lemacks-Davis of Long Beach, Calif., who calls 10/10/10 a "once-in-a-lifetime date that could very well represent a divine time or a divine day on God's calendar or God's clock." She added, "Specific numbers have always been a part of God's divine plan. This date might just have a significant meaning or again, it may not. Of course, there is no way of knowing for sure." Indeed, the Bible does feature numbers, and often links them with recurring themes. The No. 10, for instance, is associated with completeness of order. There's a famous example of the No. 10 being repeated in Scripture, and it has to do with the Ten Commandments, the set of laws etched in stone by God Himself to guide people in dealing with God and their fellow human beings. Some other uses of the No. 10 in Scripture include the 10 plagues inflicted on Egypt shortly before the Exodus, 10 generations from Adam to Noah, and Jesus' parable of the ten virgins.
Of course 10/10/10 will be a divine day, it's my birthday. My celebration will definitely not include ten virgins.

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