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ARIZONA: Log Cabin Candidate Steve May Recruits Homeless To Run In Green Party Vote Siphoning Scam

The New York Times reports that openly gay Log Cabin Republicans candidate Steve May has recruited several homeless people to run as sham Green Party candidates in an attempt to siphon votes from Democrats in Arizona. Even though he's been busted, May is unapologetic.
“Did I recruit candidates? Yes,” said Mr. May, who is himself a candidate for the State Legislature, on the Republican ticket. “Are they fake candidates? No way.” To make his point, Mr. May went by Starbucks, the gathering spot of the Mill Rats, as the [homeless] frequenters of Mill Avenue are known. “Are you fake, Benjamin?” he yelled out to Mr. Pearcy, who cried out “No,” with an expletive attached. “Are you fake, Thomas?” Mr. May shouted in the direction of Thomas Meadows, 27, a tarot card reader with less than a dollar to his name who is running for state treasurer. He similarly disagreed. “Are you fake, Grandpa?” he said to Anthony Goshorn, 53, a candidate for the State Senate whose bushy white beard and paternal manner have earned him that nickname on the streets. “I’m real,” he replied. Gathered around was a motley crew of people who were down on their luck, including a one-armed pregnant woman named Roxie whom Mr. May befriended sometime back and who introduced him to the rest.
May was a one-term member of the Arizona state legislature and has qualified for November's ballot after a successful write-in campaign. He is a former member of the Log Cabin national board of directors and was endorsed by the group last month. Hilariously, the tagline on his election site is "Honest leadership...for a change."

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