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Fire Island Ferries To Be Suspended

I'm being told that Fire Island's ferry service will be suspended at 3pm tomorrow and will resume sometime on Saturday. Tough break for those hoping to get out there after work tomorrow. But stay tuned, they may change their minds again.

UPDATE: You might still be able to get to the Pines and Cherry Grove if you get there quick enough after work. For now.
Fire Island Ferries will suspend service from Bay Shore at 3 p.m. tomorrow. It said ferries would resume early on Saturday, Sept. 4, once conditions improve. The Sayville Ferry Company told the News the 7 and 8 p.m. ferries to the Fire Island Pines tomorrow night are canceled. Ferries to Cherry Grove remain unaffected as of this posting. Ferries to Sailors Haven and Watch Hill have also been cancelled, and the campground in Watch Hill will remain closed tonight and tomorrow night. Davis Park-bound ferries will continue to run (at least for the time being). “We’re going to try and run as many ferries as we can,” said an operator at the Davis Park Ferry Company.

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