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GOP House Nominee Stephen Bailey Visits JMG To Attack Rep. Jared Polis Over Saxby Chambliss Comments

"Jared Polis recklessly slandered every Republican and Republican staffer with his comments -- guilt by an association not predicated by the bias at issue. This is a logical fallacy and it undermines the moral high ground on this issue. He hurts his cause when there is a valid point to be made and lashes out emotionally and insults innocent people. When an organization has as many people as a political party, it will include some who do not reflect the values of the organization and certainly not all members. I have heard anti-gay comments a few times at Republican events. I, or others, have spoken against those comments. The comments reflect the personal biases of a very small number of people and not of all Republicans.

"Republicans believe in constitutionally limited government. Our Constitution protects the rights of everyone equally. Those values are incompatible with persecution of individuals or a group of individuals that are not guilty of violating anyone's rights. Monitor Sen. Chambliss and the resolution of this intolerable act. Allow for time to ensure that the guilty party is identified. A rush to judgment could accidentally identify an innocent and damage their reputation. If there is no accountability after a reasonable time, then the Senator will deserve your contempt." - GOP U.S. House nominee Stephen Bailey, in a comment he left on this JMG post last night. Bailey's opponent is Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO).

RELATED: Endorsed by Ron Paul and Dick Armey's FreedomWorks, Stephen Bailey is a libertarian Tenther who believes that the federal government has no authority to impose any laws not specifically mentioned in the U.S. Constitution. Bailey's campaign site glowingly quotes Ayn Rand and he has signed on to the Tea Party-influenced Contract From America (their italics.) He also wants to abolish the Federal Reserve and force the losers of civil lawsuits to pay the legal costs of the winner, effectively chilling any response to corporate, medical, or law enforcement wrong-doings. In denouncing the concept of global warming, Bailey says, "Use common sense. Is the climate of your area substantially different today than 20 years ago?"

QUESTION: Has a GOP candidate for national office ever before taken to the comments of a gay blog to attack his opponent? I can't recall such a thing happening in the past.

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