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How People Kill Themselves In NYC

New York City has relatively few guns compared to other big cities, but its many skyscrapers provide an option. The most suicide prone group in the city is middle-aged white guys in Manhattan. Ruh-roh.
In the rest of the country deaths by gun account for about 53% of all suicides. Here suicide by guns has ranked third or fourth over the years, switching positions with overdosing on medicines or other "toxic substances." Since New York has less handguns and rifles per capita than other parts of the country, she said, people bent on suicide in the city find other means, often jumping. Still, New York City's suicide rate is about half that of the rest of the country's rate, said Christine Coyle, a research scientist with the Department of Health. The majority of all suicides in the city are committed by white people. The largest age group for those who commit suicide are people 45 to 54 years and almost a quarter of the city's suicides over the past nine years have occurred in Manhattan, the statistics show. Nearly one in 10 suicides in New York City during that time, however was committed by a non-city resident. Of the suicidal visitors 35% chose to jump off high places to kill themselves, according to statistics.

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