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Iowa For Freedom (From Civil Rights)

From the Iowa For Freedom website:
Iowa law wisely allows for a check and balance of the Supreme Court through a retention vote by you, the citizens. In April of 2009, we all witnessed blatant judicial activism by the Iowa Supreme Court. The court legislated from the bench…they governed from the bench…and, they even attempted to amend our constitution from the bench as they declared Iowa a “Same Sex” marriage state. This is not their role. The Legislature makes the law. The Governor executes the law. And, only “we the people” can amend our constitution. If the Iowa Supreme Court will do this to marriage, every one of our freedoms, including gun rights and private property, is in danger of being usurped by activist judges who are unelected officials. Most Americans believe that government is out of control. Now is the time to take a stand against the radical judicial activism of the Iowa Supreme Court.
Catch that? Gay marriage will lead to the end of private property!

(Via - Good As You)

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