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MASSACHUSETTS: Catholic High Schoolers Rally In Support Of Lesbian Dean

Students at Cathedral High School in Springfield, Massachusetts took to the streets this weekend to express their disgust over the forced resignation of their dean, Christine Judd, who was asked to leave the school after 12 years because she had married a woman over the summer break.
“Without being specific to this matter, it should be clear that all employees of our Catholic schools are made aware of our policies and regulations,” said diocesan spokesman Mark E. Dupont. “This includes language that clearly states that whenever by public example, an employee engages in or espouses conduct which contravenes the doctrine and teaching of the Catholic Church, that employee may be subject to disciplinary action. To do otherwise would be in contradiction to the values we believe in and are teaching in these same schools,” he said.
Watch this clip of these great kids. It'll give you hope.

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