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My Interviews With Fox & CNN

Fox News commenters think the story is fake and if it's not fake then I should be arrested for violating the privacy of a Senate staffer. Or something. CNN's reporter just confirmed the details and doesn't quote me. The story has also landed on the Washington Post and some progressive blogs like the Daily Beast and Talking Points Memo. has launched an email campaign to Sen. Chambliss' office demanding that he address the situation. Chambliss' office has been unresponsive to media all day.

JMG is also getting buried with hits from Fark, Reddit, and Digg today, so apologies if the trollery reaches new heights. In particular, please email me if you see comments calling for the physical harm of public figures. Anti-gay asshats have been trying to leave such comments here so that the media will see them and report that "the gays are just as bad!" As always, be advised that JMG comments have been harvested and published elsewhere in the past.

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