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PhoboQuotable - Rabbi Yehuda Levin

"Tens of millions of family-oriented citizens of all religious persuasions are fed up with the government genuflecting to radical homosexualists, while denigrating the millions of G-d-fearing, Bible-adherent families nationwide. In the wake of the recent one-man judicial fiat of homosexual Judge Vaughn Walker - who arrogantly 'vetoed' the opposition of millions of Californians to Same-Gender 'Marriage' - we now approach Tuesdays' attempted onslaught against the Republic.

"They plan to unfairly amnestize millions of illegals, providing replacements to the poll-projected up-to-25% of enlistees expected to abandon the military if forced to serve, sleep, and shower in no-privacy conditions side-by-side with open, flaunting homosexuals. Additionally, in the midst of a severe recession, these Robin-Hoods aim to finance free college for the illegals, while American students are left to fend for themselves. Experts predict that the exodus resulting from homosexualizing the military will lead to a draft - *forcing* Bible adherents into a LGBT-regimented armed forces." - Rabbinical Alliance head Rabbi Yehuda Levin, launching a campaign to join the nation's faiths in a giant "religious Tea Party."

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