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Quote Of The Day - Ana Matronic

"Mum said, 'We can't get back together because dad is gay.' It wasn't said in a brutal or shocking way. Although I was young, I knew dad now felt about men the way that he had once felt about my mother. Basically, I understood this meant they'd never be together - and at six, that sucked.

"I may have chosen that path subconsciously, but I didn't think, 'Right, life mission: I'm going to understand what it's like to be a gay man. I've always been a very flamboyant person and I think I would have ended up there anyway. I was born and raised in a very artistic household. I went to drama classes at school. My mother is an incredibly artistic woman. I think that regardless of whether or not my father was gay, I would have sought out creatively passionate people." - Scissor Sisters vocalist Ana Matronic, discussing her late gay father, who died of AIDS when she was a teenager.

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