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Quote Of The Day - Floyd Brown

"The Obama presidency is a disease. Article 2, Section 4 (the impeachment clause of the Constitution) is the cure. And it's Obama's hatred of America that makes it absolutely imperative that we take action now. Barack Hussein Obama is not some do-gooder that has had his plans go astray. He is not a person of good will just trying his best to make America go the right direction. He is not. Barack Hussein Obama is a liar that absolutely knows what he's doing to the United States of America. He has a plan. He has an agenda. This man knows exactly where he's taking us. Obama hates Christianity. He is a Muslim. Others will say he's just a godless atheist. The bottom line is that this man hates Christianity." - Floyd Brown, president of the Western Journalism Center, in today's top post on World Net Daily.

NOTE: The Western Journalism Center was founded by World Net Daily creator Joseph Farah in 1991 to publicize Farah's claim the the Clintons had murdered former White House counsel Vince Foster.

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