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Tweet Of The Day - 50 Cent

Multiple felon and rapper 50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) also recently tweeted a photo of what he said was a machine-gun attack on a gay wedding. Despite his frequent calls for violence against gay people, he is considered a rising star as an actor and has recently been a guest on popular talk shows like The View.
His performing career aside, Jackson is worth hundreds of millions thanks to his stake in VitaminWater, which was sold to Coca-Cola for $4B. He also has his own fragrance line, a five-year sneaker deal with Reebok, and his own imprint at Time-Warner Books. Pressure need to be brought on these companies about working with vile creatures like Curtis Jackson.

RELATED: One of my favorite Twitter accounts is English50Cent, which translates his rap-speak tweets into grammatically correct English. 50 Cent: "you fine ass freak bitch where you at. you on line hoe this pimpin over here. You fucking wit me or what?" English50Cent: "You are sexually attractive but absent. Use a horticultural tool on this. Are you toying with my affections?"

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