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VIDEO: Russian Activists Arrested At Protest Over Moscow's Anti-Gay Mayor

Eight Russian LGBT activists, including Moscow Pride head Nikolai Alexeyev, were arrested yesterday at a protest rally outside the office of Moscow's anti-gay mayor.
At least eight protesters were arrested when police moved in to disperse the rally outside the mayor's office. Among them was Russia's best-known gay rights campaigner, Nikolai Alexeyev, who accused security agents of abducting him last week. There was no official comment on his allegations. He said he had been stopped at a Moscow airport while trying to fly to Switzerland on Wednesday and was held for two days at an unknown address before being released on Saturday. He said he had been asked to withdraw a case from the European Court of Human Rights, where he complains about Mayor Luzhkov's refusal to allow gay pride marches in the Russian capital.
The bravery of Nikolai Alexeyev continues to astound us.

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