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WASHINGTON: "A Black Girl Threw Acid In My Face! (Oh, Wait...I Did It Myself)"

A Washington woman who told reporters that she was only alive because of her faith in Jeebus has been exposed as having actually thrown acid on her own face. So much for the unidentified black woman the hoaxer had accused. The "attack" has been discussed daily on right wing talk radio.
A woman who said she was attacked with acid outside a Starbucks has admitted her injuries were self-inflicted, Vancouver, Wash., police said. Police Chief Clifford Cook said investigators questioned Bethany Storro, confronting her with inconsistencies in her story, The Portland Oregonian reported. "She is extremely upset. She is very remorseful," said Cmdr. Marla Schuman, describing Storro as being in a "fragile" emotional condition. Storro, 28, who had recently moved to Vancouver, told police she was approached Aug. 30 by a young black woman who said "Hey, pretty girl, do you want to drink this," before throwing the acid in her face.
Police don't know why the devout woman "went out of her way" to claim that the attack had been committed by a black person.

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