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Deep Jury Doody

If you're going to alter a jury duty summons with your dad's name on it so you can tell your boss you're on a vehicular homicide trial, you probably shouldn't leave the doctored summons on your office desk. And then brag about your vacation to fabulous Baltimore on Facebook.
A Staten Island human-resources manager with a history of financial scams doctored a jury summons to weasel out of work for a Baltimore getaway that included taking in a comedy show -- and now she faces up to 14 years in prison, authorities said yesterday. Rebecca Thybulle, 32, was nabbed after her boss found evidence on her desk -- while she was out for eight days on supposed jury duty -- that she had altered a juror summons originally sent to her dad, according to court documents. Thybulle was busted Tuesday after returning to the Amboy Road offices of Children's Home Intervention Programs, a state-funded program for autistic kids, said Staten Island DA Daniel Donovan's spokesman. She was ordered held lieu of $25,000 bond yesterday. Sources said Thybulle -- who claimed to be a juror on a vehicular-homicide case -- later tried to justify her cut-and-paste forgery job by saying, "I needed to take some personal time off. My boss would not allow me to without a good excuse, and even then would badger you about it."
(Image via Gothamist)

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