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FRC's Tony Perkins: Facebook Is Cowardly For Deleting Bullying & Anti-Gay Pages

"If there were a status update for Facebook's entire site, it might say something like, 'Jumping on the politically correct bandwagon.' Last week, the social media giant officially friended the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) to 'end hate speech and anti-gay bullying' on the Internet. The new partnership, which made a splash in the mainstream news, is significant because it puts Facebook on the media's growing path toward censorship. Apparently, anything they construed to be anti-homosexual will be stripped from the site. Where does that leave Americans who morally oppose the lifestyle and want to help people find freedom from it? [snip]

"It may happen slowly, but I guarantee that Facebook will begin to broaden its definition of what's 'hateful' based on GLAAD's prior actions. Will GLAAD pressure Facebook, as it did the Washington Post, to purge any research about the risks of homosexuality? Will discussions about biblical faith suddenly be considered harassment? And, more importantly, will these standards be applied across the board? - Family Research Council head Tony Perkins, who says Facebook is "cowardly" for going after anti-gay pages but leaving up such pages as "I Can't Wait For Rush Limbaugh To Die."

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