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INDIANA: American Family Association Reponds To "Cupcakegate"

The American Family Association says that the sexual orientation anti-discrimination laws passed five years ago by Indianapolis were a terrible thing. Because that means being forced to sell rainbow cupcakes.
Controversy arose this week after the owners of the bakery cited moral objections to a special-order request for rainbow-decorated cookies for next week's "National Coming Out Day" observance at a nearby university campus. Stockton told the caller he did not feel comfortable in supporting homosexual values, especially because it would not set a good example for his two daughters. Micah Clark of the American Family Association of Indiana says there are reports the city might evict Stockton, citing a local "anti-discrimination" statute. "Indianapolis passed a sexual-orientation city ordinance five years ago," Clark explains. "...We warned [at that time] that this type of thing would happen if they passed an ordinance elevating a sexual behavior to the same moral equivalent of race or skin color."
The AFA is asking its members to rush to the shop and buy its products.

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