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MEXICO: State Of Baja California Moves To Ban Recognizing Same-Sex Marriage

The legislature of the Mexican border state of Baja California has voted 18-1 to ban the recognition of same-sex marriage, despite a recent Supreme Court ruling that all 31 states must recognize such unions performed in the nation's capital, the only place they are currently allowed. Rex Wockner reports:
As a result, the state legislature's move could set it on a collision course with the federal Supreme Court, although some amendment backers claimed they only want to prevent gay marriages from taking place in Baja. The amendment, however, does not make that clear. It reads: "The State recognizes and protects the institution of marriage as a right of society oriented to guarantee and safeguard the perpetuation of the species and mutual support between spouses, satisfying this only through the union of one man with one woman."
Wockner notes that to become law, the bill must be ratified by three of the state's five municipalities, which are similar to American counties. Anti-gay and pro-gay protesters clashed during the vote (video below.)

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