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NEW YORK: Wannabe Times Square Bomber Sentenced To Life In Prison

Failed Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad was sentenced to life in prison by a New York judge today. Playing to the numerous cameras, the defiant Shahzad warned the packed courtroom that the Islamic war on America "has just begun."
"The defeat of the U.S. is imminent, inshallah, " Shahzad said on Tuesday during the sentencing. Speaking in a 14th-floor courtroom where a clear view of the World Trade Center site can be seen through a window, Shahzad said Muslims have been defending their people and their lands. If that makes us terrorists, "then we will terrorize you," he said, imploring people who embrace Islam. U.S. District Judge Miriam Cedarbaum, who sentenced Shahzad to the mandatory sentence of life in prison, noted that he failed to show remorse for his actions.
Shahzad also told the judge that when he swore to defend the United States during his oath as a naturalized citizen, he "didn't mean it."

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