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NOM Attacks NH Gov. John Lynch

The Boston Globe reports today that NOM and an outfit called Cornerstone Action are spending $450K to attack New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch, who is up for reelection. You may recall Lynch signing his state's marriage equality bill after insisting upon and getting new wording that specifically exempted churches performing same-sex ceremonies if they didn't want to. But even that wasn't good enough for NOM.
Titled "He's Changed," the ads say Lynch failed to keep his word on taxes, spending, public safety and gay marriage. The ad shows a clip of Lynch saying he opposed gay marriage. The announcer then says he signed the law and now is collecting campaign contributions from gay activists. "When John Lynch lied and betrayed the voters of New Hampshire by signing the same-sex marriage bill NOM vowed to hold him accountable. Unlike John Lynch, we keep our promises," NOM president Brian Brown said in a statement about the new ad. Lynch signed the gay marriage law last year, two years after he signed a civil unions law.
Lynch's supporters point out that New Hampshire is one of the few state's in the nation with an actual budget surplus.

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